Archbishop takes on payday lenders
Archbishop takes on payday lenders…

The Church of England is trying to put payday lenders out of business with plans for credit unions for the [...]

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Insurers urged to be upfront about policies
Insurers urged to be upfront about policies…

Insurance companies are being urged to clarify what their policies do and do not cover and treat customers fairly, following [...]

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Council bans payday loan adverts
Council bans payday loan adverts…

Plymouth City Council is believed to be the first local authority in the UK to ban payday loans websites from [...]

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Consumers feel financial pinch
Hard-pressed households ‘more optimistic’…

British households are continuing to feel financial pressure but a new survey of consumer attitudes has revealed higher levels of [...]

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MPs demand action on 'cowboy letting agents'
Consumers feel financial pinch…

Consumer confidence may be rising but 1.5 million more families are feeling the financial pinch than 12 month ago, according [...]

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Bankruptcy Information

Joint debts
Bankruptcy And Joint Debts

What happens to jointly named debts during bankruptcy? There’s no denying the social stigma attached to financial problems has decreased [...]

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DIrectors and bankruptcy
Company Directors And Bankruptcy

Director applying for personal bankruptcy, how does it affect me? When applying for personal bankruptcy as a Director there are [...]

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Bankruptcy and your partner
Does Bankruptcy Affect My Partner

Does bankruptcy affect my partner or spouse? One of the most common questions that people ask when considering bankruptcy is: [...]

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Bankcard and Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy And Your Bank Card

Do you lose your bank card when you go bankrupt? Bankruptcy affects you in many different ways. It makes it [...]

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How long after bankruptcy can you get credit
Bankruptcy And Credit

How long after bankruptcy can I get credit? One of the main consequences of going bankrupt is that is has [...]

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